Refurbished copiers and printers is a prominent reseller in Europe offering a wide variety of products, spread across an even wider spectrum of clients.
We offer enterprises of all sizes, from large to small, from public to private, from industrial to service based, quality multifunction office copier equipment.
All our machines undergo a rigorous refurbishing process overseen by technicians who have decades of experience working on Copiers ans Multifuction Printers.
In fact, our corporate knowledge allows us to customize each solution to our client’s specific needs.

Refurbished, what does it mean? hand Picks it's Photocopiers and Printers for refurbishment, we look for low usage models that have been well maintained that do not warrant the need for a full re-manufacture.
By doing this we can offer as new machine at a cost effective price. Drums, image units, rollers etc…
They are all checked and cleaned or replaced where necessary. Costs are kept to a minimum but we expect the equipment to perform as well as a new machine.

Refurbished Photocopiers and Printers are a genuine green alternative to buying new.